Monster Hunting!

imageIn between all the dancing, swimming, and parties, we squeezed in our daily dose of nature by doing some monster hunting… or to us grown ups, looking for mini beasts with a magnifying glass, thus turning them into monsters!! We decided to use our garden today to see what monsters were hiding there. I have no less than 25 potted plants/bushes/trees on the patio so we shifted them out the way for a rich hunting ground.


imageOur mini men have bug hunting kits which we keep in a designated rucksack on the back of the kitchen door. Therefore, they are always ready to just grab and makes it easier for the mini men to indulge in mini beast hunting. Today they found wildlife, centipedes, worms, spiders, and slugs. They marvelled at how much life was revealed by just moving a plant pot!! A very successful monster hunt.



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