Self Learning Mini Men & Discovering.


Self learning, a home educators dream!  I hadn’t imagined a situation where self learning would be happening so well as I am so new to this, but rapidly seeing that it happens all the time for the children.  A very generous Father Christmas 😉 gave our two little ones these lovely glasses in their stockings.  They come with 4 pairs of lenses. Red, yellow, blue, and clear.  You can put up to 2 lenses into each side.  Up until now they’d been playing with them but hadn’t really discovered their potential in colour mixing.  I was busying myself making lunch last week and doing housework, when both boys got their sets out and started experimenting, self learning, and helping each other work out colours and what colours you need to mix to get different colours.  Their delight, surprise, and self discovery is bliss for me to watch (it balances out the less cooperative moments).  I hadn’t instigated one part of this learning process, but in the space of 20 minutes they’d bonded over colours, and learnt something too. It was a true unstructured learning moment, giving me more confidence in our plans and that children will choose their own ways to learn, and indeed learn more effectively that way.


Self Learning A home Educator's name motivated learning

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