Mini Beast Hunt.

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This week’s topic in the Nature Curriculum is Mini Beast Hunt.  Our little lady emerged from her bedroom this afternoon clutching this set of old books, that used to be mine.  She thought they’d be really good for us to use while we were following this, which I thought was a brilliant idea.  Today, we weren’t going to do anything too involved as we had to fit a list of errands around someone coming to pick up the buggy, cleaning our van for sale, starting to attack the jungle of a garden as Autumn sets in, and booking and paying the deposit for our removal firm.

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The story for the week is The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which all three know inside out, but love listening too again and again.  We also read the poem of the week, “Hurt No Living Thing” by Christina Rossetti, and then dived into one of my old books called “Worms Wiggle, Bugs Jiggle” which we thought fitted in really well to the subject of mini beasts.  This little book is full of rhymes too.  One of the extension activities for this week, is my kind of poetry writing (and our daughters!!), where you don’t need to make it rhyme.  Our little lady was to write an acrostic poem about her favourite mini beast.  So she wrote the word “butterfly” vertically down the page, and then wrote something about her mini beast against every letter.  Each line can be as short or as long as you want it to be 🙂

We are now full steam ahead with all our moving admin too.  Today I have managed to book our removal company for pick up and drop off (6 days of packing/transit/unpacking), and I’ve started sorting out general UK admin like national insurance (been paying the wrong type for nearly 5 years!!) and child benefit.  It’s a very slow business when you need to make long serious complicated phone calls and three little people still demand constant attention.  That’s probably the thing I have avoided the most since having so many children, phone calls, as they just seem impossible!!  However, our furniture is now booked for the off, so we need to get us some flights to follow it 🙂

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