Mamma’s School First School Trip Part 2.

IMG_8230Days 2 & 3 of our adventure were spent at Legoland, with a night at the resort’s hotel.  As you can imagine, eyes were popping out of heads all over the place!  Not only at the “all you could eat” food buffets, that made the Travelodge breakfast look like a small picnic, but at the fact that everything was made of Lego, the rides that were the best things they had ever done, and that was all before they saw where they were sleeping for the night!  Returning to the Travelodge for another night was suddenly forgotten.  As parents of a lively and hectic family, the place was amazing.  Everything is thought out to make family life as easy as possible, and for everybody to have a good time, not just the children.  The hotel does everything it can for you and has thought of everything from letting you use facilities before and after check in, to sorting your luggage and getting it to your room for you so you can stay longer in the park, to trying to make eating with little people as easy as possible.

IMG_8257 IMG_8255 IMG_8306 IMG_8249 IMG_8309IMG_8304 IMG_8310

We had 2 full days in the park and one night in the hotel.  The hotel room we had chosen was a pirate themed one.  While we unpacked and settled in, the children had a mini treasure hunt to do, that would give them 4 numbers to a safe.  Once they had worked out all the clues, and got the numbers, they opened it to find a mini pack of Lego each inside.  This amused them further while us grown ups did……more unpacking, sorting, and tidying!!  One big grumble of being a family of 5 is very few hotels cater for that number in one room, meaning you have to split the family over 2 rooms.  Here they have made the rooms to hold 5, but not only that, the children are tucked away round a corner, meaning the grown ups don’t have to sit on bathroom floors drinking wine and reading their books, but can lounge back on the bed actually relaxing (once the little darlings have stopped being giddy and fallen asleep!).  Plus, usually when held hostage in hotel rooms, the room TV is switched onto a children’s channel to stop them going bananas cooped up in one room, meaning that you as the grown up get to become even more familiar with all the CBeebies characters.  Not here!!!  They have their own TV tucked round in their space, so whilst you are trying to grab a shower in the morning and you need to stop them base jumping off the top bunk, they can watch it without you seeing it too.  Little things make life so much more rosy!

IMG_8266 IMG_8258IMG_8265

We have had a blast on our big adventure, the children have lots of memories, and we returned home all shattered but very happy (and ever so pleased with ourselves we didn’t lose anyone!!).

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