Mamma’s Day

IMG_5680Ever since the twins entered our lives with a bang, 5 weeks early, life has been pretty full on (they walked at 11 months, competively scooted at 16 months against each other, and then of course there were the early days, which saw at least 6 breast feeds a night!!).  So, as you can imagine, all this calamity was a huge change for our quiet(ish), calm, daydreamy girl.  The twins were 9 months old when our little lady started school, and we decided to put them into nursery, together, one day a week.  This allowed me to get hair cuts, visit vets and dentists, and generally not have my head rotating 360 degrees all day every day.  However, more importantly, it gave back some time to our little lady, they are what we called Mamma days.  It meant, in the holidays we had whole days to ourselves to do things a little more grown up, girly (although both boys seem to “do” girly too!), and give her some attention (which with young twins was very lacking, but she coped well).  During term time we had either hot chocolates at cafes doing colouring together (winter), or ice creams on the beach while collecting “treasures and lost things” (summer), squeezed in between school and Brownies.  All this was going to draw to a close come September when the boys were due to start school-they will still be continuing pre school until September so we still have that time.  However, for the remaining weeks until that point, it will be whole days, not just an hour between school and brownies, for us to take advantage of.  It will allow me also to give her a little more 1:1 time during this transitional phase too.  I think it has been important to give her this time too, during the early years of having baby twin brothers.

So, this week we pottered off to stretch our legs for 90 minutes, along a lovely bit of our local coastline.  I haven’t been brave enough to do this with the twins in tow yet, as it is a cliff walk.  Part of the cliffs are getting so eroded they come very close to the path, and while I let my children take risks, I can see myself not really managing this, as I like the children able to run unhindered on their hikes.

IMG_7318We had a lovely morning, in the sunshine and strong breeze, and our old dog very much appreciated the outing too.  We collected lots of suitable driftwood for our hammering sessions, and of course her pockets came home full of treasures.  Remarkably, no stones today, just broken smoothed glass pieces and other things.

The afternoon was spent indulging in her passion of art and craft.  We’ve decided to do all the craft kits she’s accumulated from birthdays and Christmas’ but had so little time to do anything with.  We then headed off for our weekly teashop trip and library visit.

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