Getting Our HE Mojo back

When the school run is for an 0800 start, you can easily make the beach for an 0815 kite flying session 😮  That is how our day started today, after doing the school run in the dark still!  The mini men got some kites for their birthday and we hadn’t tried them out yet.  So, having dressed up in all the winter gear once, we kept it on and headed straight for our kite flying session as soon as we returned from school.  It was very windy and cold down on the beach, but the boys loved their kites.  It was even better not having to share them and wait to take a turn, and I managed not to get them tangled together in the air!  They shrieked with delight as they suddenly realised they could make the kite dip and dive, and tried to release the string so the kite “would touch the clouds”……it’s the simple things!

I know a lot of HE families will be gradually easing up now in the run up to the festive period.  However, we try to keep the basics ticking over, as well as carrying on our exploring nature programme.  We don’t do as much maths and English, but in our little lady’s case, it seems a total rest is not as effective as it is for some children, and carrying on doing a little here and there to tie us over benefits her more.  Having said that though, I have been struggling the last week or so to get motivation for the more formal aspects we do…..the boys reading, writing, and maths, and her English and Maths.  Today though, we were back on the case 🙂 We were all sat together and enjoyed quite a cosy time.  I don’t usually like trying to juggle the mini men at the same time as they both need a lot of help and ask questions at you whether you are immersed with the other one or not.  However, today it was just nice.

Having gone from lack of motivation for anything much at all, today we managed reading, writing, maths, English, as well as some Swedish and a bit of sketching in our nature journals 🙂  Maybe that burst of energy was my total for the week!!  I was doing maths with our little lady, and she was explaining the way they do it in Sweden, and long addition in particular.  We have spent many a long hour trying to undo the complicated system for various sums she has learnt at school in the UK for simpler methods she understands, and now suddenly she’s able to embrace another country’s method!  They seem to “note” any figures carried over at the top of the sum rather than at the bottom…..she showed her “English” way to the class teacher, and she thought it was very strange!  I am just happy that she’s finally able to understand that many ways can reach the same answer, and you just choose the method that suits you.  So we’ve had a very productive day and all four of us are feeling quite positive after the work we managed today 🙂

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