Gardening and Lots of it!

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Today was another day in the garden, and straight out into it, again turfing the happy trio out into their new playground!  I did 4.5 hours of it today, and although I got a lot done, it still has hardly made an impact…just getting small chunks done though will make it suddenly look better (I hope!).  I shifted all the wood stored outside against the garage first, putting half into the cellar to dry out, and then moving the rest into a neat pile on an old wooden crate under the decking, to shift into the cellar when the rest has dried out.  I then moved onto planting the spring bulbs.  This needed to be done as very soon the ground will be too hard for me to do anything with, and I’d brought them over in the move with us so I could just crack on and do it.  So we now have pots on the door steps and decking, as well as randomly planted bulbs to spring up and give us some colour, hopefully, just when you think you’ll never see the warm weather again, about February/March time!  After that it was time to tackle the sizeable bit of garden down the side of the house (a little bit bigger than the size of our old garden in the UK!).  It had a few wooden crates, which seemed to have been used as vegetable patches, and were very overgrown with weeds, grass, parsley, and strawberry plants.  I sorted these out first, and then discovered the grassy/weedy bit to the side of them had lovely soil underneath, so I made an extended vegetable patch, built a low stone wall around it, and cleared out the soil, and added some new soil on top of it.  The area is also surrounded by a variety of trees and bushes all losing their leaves, so they were raked up, as well as chopping back a lot of high grass that was taking over a little.  Bear in mind I have no mower (mine was a plug in one, that wouldn’t have reached anything here), and nothing like a strimmer, this was all done by hand and with some little pruning clippers!!  Cutting long grass with pruning clippers takes a while.  Another portion done, and I’ll get there eventually.

img_0273All other plans for the day got shelved a little due to the amount of time and effort the garden is taking to get winter ready.  However, our little lady did get to face time one of her little besties and had a great time talking to her and catching up.  The mini men got snipping happy with their scissors and finally found the sellotape after the move….they love just chopping up pieces of paper and taping anything and everything they can!!  Tomorrow we will be having a busy day doing more moving admin.  We start with the school nurse first thing, before our little lady gets her reading, writing, and maths assessed hopefully giving us the go ahead for school.  Then it’s into town to register me for an ID card now that I have my personal number, and then a bank account, before mini man no.1 has his ballet lesson!!  Meanwhile I shall love you and leave you with a photo that shows a new habit forming….night time stories in front of the fire.  They love it!!



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