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Today marks the end of a run of 4 out of 5 bedtimes in the car for the little people, due to us having three family/friend BBQs on the trot, and then 2 big days out.  So quite an exhausting programme of events jammed into 5 days.  You may well ask why this makes me feel so accomplished….it’s because we can see how far we have managed to come as a family.  Don’t get me wrong, we love our little people dearly, but I would be lying to say it wasn’t a shock when the twins arrived and suddenly we had three under three.  A night’s sleep was a distant dream, and they moved/walked early making it their mission never to be heading in the same direction, and doing it at top speed!  To say our lives turned upside down is an understatement.  Two summers ago I started doing big days out with all three (never before had I sacrificed the afternoon nap for days out as they were impossible to handle, it wasn’t worth it), then last summer I started doing big days out with all three…but without the buggy.  They walked (a lot), they carried their own things (ditching your buggy means you gain a pair of hands but also gain an awful lot of claptrap that got lugged around in it previously), and soon we found we could generally move all in the same direction more often than not, with only a few escape attempts.  But going to sleep in the car was a very rare event, saved only for national emergencies…again mainly due to the ongoing parental sleep deprivation and the boundless enthusiasm and physical energy of our little people.  However, this week we have been able to go with the flow as needs have dictated, and not had any worries about doing so.  We have managed to attend three family functions on the trot, followed by two big days out (although mini man no.2 did have a nap midway through yesterday’s adventure!).  Today was the end of the run of doing this, but we have had a lovely day today, and been so pleased with the way we have been able to go with the flow.

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z75Today we headed over to our favourite beach at East Head.  This time we took Dadda with us and all three were very excited about being able to show him the dunes.  It was a perfect day, pure sunshine, and a slight breeze.  We set up for the day, giving the children their boundaries in the sand dunes so they felt like they had some freedom but we knew where they were.  They immediately headed off to play various imaginative games amongst the dunes and did a lot of running up and down them, crazy things!! All three did get on their bodyboards at various intervals throughout the day, as well as building things and digging holes!  Oh, and I got to taste “beach stew”…ooooooh yummy, NOT!

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z71Usually, there would be some carefully plotted extraction plan on these occasions, to make going home coincide with enough time for supper, bath, and bed all in reasonable time for parents to get good quality flop time!  Plus, taking into consideration “chances of going to sleep in the car”, to avoid the ultimate blip that prevents an easy bedtime settle!!  However, today all three were loving their time there, and given the fact the weather hasn’t been that amazing this summer, and it is about to change, we didn’t want to curtail our lovely day.  So, what was a brave move for us, we decided to firstly, eat out at a pub en route (usually a damage limitation affair), and then have another car bedtime, and just bath, condition dried out sun-beaten hair, and empty the beds of sand in the morning.  The meal was lovely, and actually relaxing.  It was helped by the fact that the time between ordering and serving was the fastest in history (hungry children are not great at waiting for food), plus it was sunny (so we were outside taking full advantage of the revamped play area) 🙂

We now have three absolutely pooped, extremely sandy with very knotty hair, children in bed, but they are happy and so our we!!  Tomorrow the twins will be late to pre-school, but at least they will smell divine immediately post bath, and our little lady and I will do something for our penultimate Mamma’s Day.



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