World Book Day Fancy Dress and Forest School Friday

World book day Aslan Narnia Lion the witch and the wardrobe


Fancy dress in this house is very popular, so events like world book day, which the school took part in, are very exciting and hugely anticipated.  So, with our little lady’s favourite story being The Lion King, she settled on going as a lion.  In case the book she had chosen was too Disney, we had a back up plan that she was Aslan from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.  We rummaged around through her fancy dress chest, deciding to use an old pair of dance leggings and a leotard (both used to be mine and are about 25 years old!!).  That is what is so good about their fancy dress boxes, it is a mix of shop bought outfits, and items that can be cobbled together, so they get the best of both worlds.  She did amazingly, picking up the class prize for best fancy dress…..the amusing part being, that she picked it up for being a great Fantastic Mr Fox!!!  So, with all the excitement and anticipation this event generated, I realised there were going to be a few things that would be just plain missed having left school, and I would have to remember that they go on in the school calendar.  Seeing all your friends in school dressed up as various characters will be one of them.  I am confident that fancy dress is such a part of their little lives anyway, that it’s not the actual dressing up that will be missed (there isn’t a day that goes by where all three spend all day in standard clothing!!  Usually clothes are discarded for costumes very rapidly!), but the fun of doing it en masse will be missed.  I am going to have to make this one of the things I make a special effort once she is home schooled to recreate, whether through fancy dress parties (Halloween), or having our own get togethers for days such as World Book Day.



Whilst our little lady was busy with world book day, today was forest school day for the little men, and it was lovely to have fresh spring sunshine for the morning (well at least until it was time to eat our picnics when snow, sleet, hail and rain happened!).  Colours were the theme for the day.  We started with a few games on the preschool parachute like skipping round holding it, and when a colour was yelled we all had to jump onto the right colour.  The next activity was making a rainbow with things we could find in nature.  The rainbow was sticky, and we had to go on a little foraging walk and find colours to fill our rainbow.  The idea being to see spring emerging from its winter hibernation too.  We had some daises, some daffodil petals, some catkins, and leaves amongst other items. (As an added bonus we also saw the Spitfire do its anniversary flight).


Having indulged in our much needed hot chocolates and snacks, we then did a craft activity that involved the children learning (or attempting to learn and then the Mums finishing it off while they climbed trees) to weave.  They had to go on a hunt for coloured wool hanging in trees, before weaving them onto prepared sticks.  After that they could add coloured sheeps wool into it, bright craft feathers, and anything else they fancied.  We ended up with 2 pretty weaved items.

IMG_7106However, I couldn’t help feel that the inhabitants of the woods where we were would be left very confused on our departure, as we left a trail of craft feathers, that made it seem like we had been invaded by exotic birds!!


So, craft completed, we sauntered off to the fire area to light the fire.  Here the children tell the instructor what is required to light it and then help place the sticks.  Today’s yummy snack treat was fresh fruit and a marshmallow dipped in chocolate sauce, which had been melted on the fire.


My daughter is, as usual, going to be sad she missed the exciting activities the boys did today, and as usual I will remind her not long to go now (and that she’d had a fab day with world book day).  Even though she was on a high after school yesterday, and she obviously had a fantastic time throughout the day, we are still confident with our decision to pull her out.  Opportunities like that at school are so infrequent, and at home she can indulge whenever she wants to, and I can facilitate it happening with her core group of friends.  Friendships that I can see lasting outside the boundaries of school.


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