Evergreen Science Fun

Science using evergreens exploring nature nature based learning www.mammasschool.co.ukEvergreens are our nature curriculum theme for the week.  We have used them to study, sketch, do craft, and now we have done some evergreen science.  We hope you like our ideas and fancy trying some at home 🙂





The first evergreen science experiment involved examining them thoroughly before we destroyed our supplies in other experiments!  We used magnifying glasses to get a better view.  Twin 2 here was fascinated by moving the cone around and it becoming larger and smaller.  We did the same with the branches we had.  We looked at the various differing structures of the evergreens close up, pointing out how they all differed.  We also smelt all of our samples.  This is a very fragrant topic!!


The next experiment we did with the evergreens was to dissect them a little and take them apart.  Here Twin 1 is attempting to use tweezers with snow gloves on, to remove some seeds to examine.  I had to give him full marks for perseverance as he eventually managed!  They also took apart some other cones (this one was too lovely to destroy!).  They enjoyed chopping and using the tweezers to take them apart and look more closely at it.


The third evergreens experiment we did was revisiting a previous one from a few weeks ago.  It is a firm favourite as it is very effective visually and my trio don’t get fed up of watching this happen.  I am not going to spoil the results in case you want to try this at home.  What you need to do is place one in cold water, one in warm water, and one in air.  Then you should have a good comparison.  There are a lot more variations you can do, and as you can see, we had one half in and half out….let the child lead, they always have the best ideas!!  We also set ours up using a variety of different types to see if there was any difference between tree species too.

The last evergreen science experiment we did was also revisiting a previous concept.  The children love this idea though, and there is nothing wrong with repetition, although I did add a twist to it.  It is the concept of non-Newtonian fluids – a fluid that is not a fluid.  We mix cornflour and water.  Then play with it.  You can feel it being a solid in the bowl, and then as soon as you pick it up, it turns into a liquid.  I had a tray on the table full of evergreen supplies.  They enjoyed adding these into the mixture and playing with everything combined.  They were amused with a bowl each for an hour, and it was only the fact it was suppertime that made a clock watching mamma call it to a halt.  This was really good play based learning.  A lot of mess but a lot of fun too 🙂

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