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Dadda and I are in Sweden on a 3 day adventure!!!  Over 10 years ago, on a holiday, our little people’s Dadda and I made a 5 year plan….there wasn’t any detail, but in 5 years we wanted to find ourselves living in Norway.  As you can tell, timings went by the wayside!!  It wasn’t a random country plucked out of thin air.  My mother left Norway when she married my father, so the first 24 years or so of my life were spent travelling in various ways and routes up to Norway to visit grandparents and family out there.  I have always loved the country, and then when I took Dadda out there for the first time (as students) he instantly fell in love with the place, culture, and vibe too.  So after a few more years, we came to the conclusion that this was a place we wanted to be living in, not just visiting.

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So what is it that we like?  We like the more laid back and less rushed lifestyle.  Even the speed limits are much slower!!  We like the way they embrace the outdoors whatever the weather.  It is a key part of their daily lives.  The open space and wilderness to be explored is another attraction.  Now, having had children, we like the way the schooling starts later, and they concentrate on letting children be children for longer.  As a nation they actively encourage children to take risks, not protect them so much that they become nervous and anxious about everything.  It is very unspoilt and not over populated.  Work life balance is a focus in the grown up work environment, and for 3-5 weeks over the summer, places virtually shut down as everyone goes off to enjoy their summer holidays with their families 🙂  However, getting there was easier said than done…the cost of living over there is much higher, and the move from things like UK housing to Norwegian housing was just leaving too much of a gap in our finances, to make it viable, amongst other things.  So, we broadened our horizons to other Scandinavian countries who also live by the same ethos and mentality, and this week Dadda got a job offer in a beautiful place called Karlskrona in Sweden.  Well actually, he got the offer Friday morning, and by today, Sunday night, I am sat in Sweden writing about it!  We had to move fast to check the place out fully before he needs to accept or decline the job. So within 48 hours, we found ourselves on a plane to Copenhagen, then driving ourselves across the bridge into Sweden, then a 2.5 hour drive round the bottom of the country to our hotel in Karlskrona.  We now have 2 whole days to recce the place…..his prospective place of work, residential areas, schools, facilities, areas and the list goes on!  Very exciting, quite scary, and definitely frantic!  But, it’s a chance to see if we could actually make our dreams come true, up heave our tribe and move to Scandinavia 🙂

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