Detachment Wobbles.

Over the past few days our little lady has been having a few little detachment  wobbles over leaving her friends at school.  This is not entirely unexpected, and resulted in her making a card for her lovely ex teacher.  She’s quite nosey, so wants to know who is new in the class instead of her, and she’s keen to know they all miss her!!  She hasn’t been really upset so that is good, but keeps saying she will miss her friends.  With it being school holidays anyway, she wouldn’t have really seen much of them, so once term starts next week, and we get our regular get togethers that we have set up under way, I am sure she will feel a little more settled about her friendships continuing.  I am convinced she is going to be having more quality time with them, but to her, it is that constant presence of having them around her in the classroom, that is going to be missing.  She has also got a school friend’s party coming up, a chance to catch up with many of them.  Again, it is another change to get her head around.  A different time, space, and length to see her friends, and once she sees it work in practice that may well help.

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