Day 30-Clouds and Dreaming.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_30image

I have always had a fascination with clouds.  Their floaty, light, no responsibility freedom, drifting across the sky.  I find them hypnotising.image

It first started when I was revising as a teenager.  I would look out of the window in front of me over the green hills in Cheltenham, and get absorbed in the calmness of the clouds drifting by.  I find them very relaxing, and now I love lying on my back watching them drift over.  It’s one of the few things that makes me truly switch off.  Clouds allow us to use our imagination, young or old, to find pictures in the sky.  You also can learn from them, something I am looking forward to doing in the not so distant future with my trio.  A whole day learning about clouds…..lying on our backs on the beach 😉


imageWe have had a fantastic time doing the 30 days wild challenge, and I hope you have enjoyed following us.  Those of you who know us, realise that our daily nature experiences, that are at the centre of our home education journey, will continue 🙂  It’s been a crazy month; going on one big Mamma’s School adventure with our trio, going from south to north on an adventure for a wedding, and losing our fur-baby who enjoyed our days in nature with us, as much as we did.  It’ll be strange continuing our journey without him, but we have  many more adventures planned.

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