Day 28-Play, Play, Play!

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_28It’s short and sweet today, due to me feeling a little more than just down in the dumps!  The children have had one of those amazing completely unstructured days that sees them use every scrap of paper, sellotape, and string that exists in the craft supplies, tell stories to each other in the pop up campervan tent, beat off the baddies with sticks away from their campfires in the garden, and finish the day by bouncing in a heavy downpour on their trampoline 🙂  After an emotional rollercoaster ride since Saturday morning, it was just the kind of day they needed.  So, their random act of wild, was embracing the outdoors we have in our back garden, using their imaginations within that space, and completely enjoying whatever the elements threw at them with the sort of abandonment that only children have, and us adults are very jealous of.



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