Day 26-Climbing Trees & One Last Family Outing.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_26IMG_8735 IMG_8733IMG_8721

IMG_8728With our furry friend and companion now not eating and mainly sleeping, we decided to take one final family outing to one of his favourite spots, the beach.  This required some creativity with his transport method, as he now hadn’t moved himself for at least 24 hours.  We dug out the twins buggy that we’d hung onto for last weekends wedding, and took the bottom seat off.  This meant the top one could lie completely flat (something we’d never done having had a twin sat underneath it!), loaded it up with towels, and Jack fitted rather cosily into it.  The back of the buggy is completely open, which allowed him lovely views with which to watch the world go by, feel the fresh air, and smell the sea.  He was settled and comfortable, and enjoyed his outing.

On the outing our trio found a lovely climbable tree that they spent a long time investigating, having fun and getting their random act of wild in 🙂 A bit of fun and sunshine in an otherwise emotionally intense day.

IMG_8732 IMG_8731 IMG_8730

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