Day 25-Looking after our not so Wild Nature.

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It’s been a tough one today, getting up to find our 12 and a half year old Border Collie, Jack, suddenly couldn’t walk anymore.  So we’ve not been out in wild nature today, just chilling and looking after our own little bit of nature back in the home, giving lots of TLC and cuddles.

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Jack has always been slightly unique, in that I’ve never known a dog to have so many things go wrong, but not only that, just really random things.  He wouldn’t eat as a young puppy and adolescent, he’s had tonsillitis, he’s stood on one end of a stick and the other end has sprung up slicing through fur, skin, and muscle, needing surgery, and he’s had a broken leg from putting his foot in a rabbit hole, to name a few.  This time last year, we noticed he had started shuffling his back feet, and losing his balance occasionally.  He was then diagnosed with the doggy version of MS.  However, his degeneration has been very slow, and only recently he has been falling over more.  So although we knew this would happen one day, to go from trotting out for his evening business one night happy, to not being able to walk the next morning and too tired to bother about anything, was a great shock to us.  He hasn’t been able to move all day, so we’ve been feeding him some treats (yes, sausage and ice cream were up there, but even those he only had a few mouthfuls of), the children have joined me in pipetting water into his mouth, and we’ve all spent the day doing our activities around him in the kitchen, whether that’s Lego, cuddles, or just cooking.  Tomorrow we plan to try and get him into the bike trailer comfortably and push him down to the beach, a favourite spot of his, to give him a change of scenery and some fresh air, and one last family trip, before Monday morning arrives with, what I fear, will be a very hard decision we will have to make 🙁



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