Day 22 – Bees

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_22Today saw a much needed return to our local home education group’s monthly meet up.  We have only been once before, and that was prior to our little lady finishing school, just to touch base and meet some people that were moving in the same direction with their children’s education.  This is something I need to get us to this more often as it is in a perfect environment for us (escaping would be hard for the mini men, lots of space, and outdoor area, plenty of children for ours to socialise with, and parents for me to talk to).  However, weighing that up against the fact that the weather is generally gorgeous on average one day a week, and it seems to have coincided with the meetups so far, and my plan to have my children outdoors in nature as much as possible, has seen me not be quite as regular as I would have liked us to have been.

IMG_8625Today there was a visit by a bee keeper to chat to the children.  I knew that this would be something that our little lady would love, and we decided to go, between trips out to kennels to pick up our dog, and a brownie trip to a mini railway!  Surely this could definitely count towards our 30 days wild?!  The mini men really surprised me too, by keeping quiet the whole way through, and really listening.  In this image, the queen bee can be seen with the white spot on her.  There was a lot to take in, and it seems like quite a complicated occupation to me, but a very interesting one.  The children were delighted too at being able to taste the bee keeper’s own bees’ honey (even mini man no.2 who doesn’t like honey is now a convert).

IMG_8614 IMG_8618 IMG_8616

Afterwards the children did some bee related art and craft whilst wandering up to the bees in their showcase and examining them in their own time and way.  Much to twin 1’s delight too there were scissors and sellotape…..these 2 items are his passion at the moment and he sat very quietly absorbed in snipping, pulling and cutting (and not sticking anywhere really) pieces of sellotape.  Important dexterity learning going on though!!

IMG_8621 IMG_8623





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