Day 21 Chilled Days & Sunography.

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The day after bringing a family of 5 home from a trip away, involves a humongous amount of washing, so for that reason, the day was always going to be home based.  However, it turned into a lovely relaxing day with the children (and washing), that couldn’t have been any better had we planned it.  After doing the housework tasks, and our little lady’s maths and English, we all headed into the garden.  I needed to tackle our jungle a little, while they naturally padded out after me like three sheepdogs, to enjoy whatever the garden offered them for the day.  Soon there was a hive of activity with the toy pans and utensils, cutting petals up and mixing them into pixie dust (the mini men!) and perfume (the little lady).

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For our random act of wild today, I had invested in some sunography paper (solar powered photography), and had been waiting for a dry day for them to use it.  The idea was to collect different shaped leaves from the garden, place them on the paper (securing with stones on top), then leave it to the sun to do its work.  After a while, you then rinse the paper in water and a vivid blue print appears, as if by magic.  We were all fascinated (even though only one mini man had done it, I think the other one will next time as he was intrigued).

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It was from here, the day became even more successful and child led.  I wanted to use some new workbooks for writing, counting, and phonics with the mini men, but wanted to do them 1:1.  I was doing it with mini man no.1 and I was suddenly aware, that our little lady had set up a phonics game for the other twin in the garden (one she had made up), and she was teaching him!  Next she followed that with a numbers game for him.  So when I swapped twins for the workbooks, she collared the next one to play her games 🙂 double the learning for them!

During the afternoon I needed to potter around doing more mum jobs and reading with the mini men.  Just pausing for a moment to work out exactly what the trio were up to, I found them again fully immersed in their own little worlds.  Our lady and mini man no.2 were busy hammering and nailing an obstacle course together, while mini man no.1’s fascination with sellotape continues and he spent a delightful hour just “snipping”, stamping and sellotaping.

I always dread a day heavy with grown up jobs and tasks but today I loved doing it all to the background noise of their activities, although I may be very low on sellotape now, and rather drowning in rose petal water perfume 🙂

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