Day 19 Exploring New places.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_19This weekend has been a busy one for us, travelling from the bottom of the country, to up near the top of the country for a wedding.  However, we did still manage to squeeze in nature and outdoor time….well, actually it’s a survival technique after children have been in a car for 6 hours!  Plus it gave us a whole new area to explore, 260 miles away from the environment we know and love.  We were very lucky to be staying with some of Dadda’s relatives that live right beside Roundhay Park in Leeds, and boy is that some outdoor space!!

IMG_8582 IMG_8494

There are vast expanses of green areas just to run and run on.  There are steep sloping hills with long grasses growing on them, which the children loved running down completely out of control.  There are areas of water, areas of planted flowers as well as wild ones, trees and open spaces, and an ice cream van 🙂  You could easily lose yourself in there for over a day, losing track of time, it is wonderful.

IMG_8495Trying to climb the trees in there was much less successful though, even with some brotherly love and support pushing one’s bottom up!! (Which they found extremely amusing).  Walking back towards where we were staying, we came across the beautiful wood sculpture, which was a carving out of a dead tree.  It had lots of mini-beasts carved into it, as well as things like seahorses, but also little holes for birds to go inside and nest in.  It was so beautiful.  It was a good way of carrying on the life of that tree as well.


IMG_8580 IMG_8579

I have truly fallen in love with that parkland and its vast areas of space, and the creative and imaginative outdoor play it naturally lends itself too.  It also served its purpose letting three little people let off steam before invading relatives!!








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