Day 17 Making a Garden Mobile.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_17Today our little lady set about making a wild mobile for our wild garden. She set herself up with all her supplies, which included a huge stick, some ribbon, fir cones, any petals/flowers she could get away with picking up, string, bits of sponge, sellotape, feathers, and half the play area bark.  She then lost herself in her design for a good few hours.

IMG_8475She designed it gaining inspiration from other random acts of wild we have been doing already throughout June.  She wanted feeding stations, so set up sponges hanging from it that had been soaked in a sugary solution.  She also wanted to encourage mini beasts and made little cosy shelter areas along it twice, made from the play bark.  The rest was decorated using a mixture of nature items from the garden and stuff from her craft box.  It is now hanging across the rose arch, and she is very pleased with herself.  I think just about the only thing she didn’t use was hammers and nails!

IMG_8476 IMG_8474

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