Day 11 & Forest School.

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Hooray!!  After 2 Fridays off, it was the return of forest school for the second half of the summer term.  This was to be day 11 of our 30 days wild challenge, and we decided that forest school would be enough immersion in nature without doing any extra challenges…..learning in nature in our wild classroom.  Today it was all about dinosaurs which tied in very nicely with our trip to the Natural History Museum on Monday.  All three love dinosaurs so were instantly captivated, listening to what they were able to do today.  It was all very free flowing, the child doing whatever their interests led them towards.

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There were large plastic dinosaurs hidden around the forest school area, for the children to find, before then looking for a dinosaur nest full of dinosaur eggs.  My trio had been learning on Monday about dinosaur eggs and them hatching, so they followed it all really well.  The dinosaur eggs were little rubber dinosaurs, frozen into ice blocks, which the children then had to melt using warm water and pipettes, thus hatching the eggs (and at the same time learning about heat melting ice).  Then there were several trays with a heap of sand on them around the forest floor.  These could be used and added to (with soil, water, leaves, cones etc) to make dinosaur worlds and therefore encourage creativity and imaginative play.  My mini men chose to do this, while my little lady dived into the clay bag to craft her own new breed of dinosaur.  I think mini man no.1 had it sussed perfectly, by sitting back and watching another little girl build a fantastic dinosaur world, to then fully take part in using it to play with his dinosaurs 🙂 Mini man no.2 went and found his own ditch, filled it with cones and straw that were on the forest floor, and then placed some wood over it for a roof, and bracken leaves for curtains/door.

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What happened then was fantastic child led, creative, and imaginative play.  They all started to play, really involved in their dinosaurs, and adapting their worlds as the games went on.  Water slides and lakes were added, and a lot of fun was had by the end playing with the water.  They were in their element, and totally forgot us grown ups were even there.  We finished off with the camp fire and toasting our marshmallows.  The session had, as usual been a huge hit, and very much enjoyed.

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