Compasses from Father Christmas.

Father Christmas seemed to have a bit of a sensible streak in him this year, as alongside the triple whoopee cushions, he also gave them a compass each 🙂  Well, someone’s got to get us home from all these wooded walks safely, and with my track record, it’s just luck every time I manage it!!  So today, after spending 2 days working out which way each room, stair case, chair, table, and every other random item in the house was facing, I could stand it no longer, and needed to get the compasses out for a loooooonnnnnngggggg walk!!  So we took Dadda up to the nature reserve at the bottom end of the island above us, as he’s not been there before and we walked the trail for 90 minutes, faffing and fiddling with the compasses.  At this point we are just doing basic “what direction are we walking in” questions, and getting familiar with them.  However, I have started a new board on Pintrest collecting basic navigation ideas, teaching ideas, and orienteering activities for children.  So, although I have supposedly learnt advanced navigation skills with our beloved armed forces, someone must have left the door open to that compartment of my brain, and the knowledge marched straight out!!  Therefore, I am hoping that by teaching the children, not only will they learn a valuable skill, but my rusty navigation skills might be refreshed 🙂  In the meantime, I will leave you to enjoy some more gorgeous scenic photos of our afternoon hike, enjoy.

They seem to have grasped how to find north, but not grasped the fact we don’t always want to or need to walk north!!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all three compasses agreed which way we need to go 😉

A beautiful dusk, just making it back to the car in time….

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