Chill out Friday….

***Warning..There is a photo of a dead bird in this blog….it’s beautiful but dead.  Just thought I’d mention it before you read on*******

Today Dadda has taken the car to get our winter tyres on, it’s pouring with rain, it is cold, and I just want to hide indoors with my log fire burning and a good book…..however, I have three children that need exercising and hiding is never going to be an option!  The day started with a rather hideous discovery, but once we were over the shock of it, we used it to learn, so some ad hoc home education.  Whether by cat or flying into the window, there was a beautiful, perfectly formed Waxwing bird waiting for us on the front doormat.  It looked like it had tucked itself up and fallen asleep.

img_0419 img_0417


Once I had chatted to the children (leaving out the fact of death by possible cat hunting), they agreed they’d like to see it.  We all had a good look, stroke, and chat about it, and learnt about Waxwing birds…a breed I had not heard of until this morning, and very beautiful.  We then buried it into our newly made flower bed.  I really hope it wasn’t a welcome present from next door’s cats, or that it continues, as I don’t fancy filling the flower bed up!  Our little lady then progressed onto her formal workbooks, before we finished for the morning, and took the scooters out on their first Swedish jaunt to the local play park.

Scooters aren’t here what they are in the UK, ie most children own one and most use it as their mode of transport anywhere!  Here they are virtually unheard of, so to suddenly have three in a row scootering around the island caused quite a few stares this morning.  We got to the park (in mini man no.2’s namesake road), and despite the pouring rain, fun was had by all (I was armed with a flask of hot chocolate to keep myself sane).  The park has the usual version of a slide, swing, see-saw bouncy thing etc, but it is based mainly in a large sand pit, with supersized plastic lorries and cars to enjoy, as well as tricylces , skateboards, and other such items.  All there based on trust, but that is how this country works.  People don’t seem to treat others with a permanent suspicion, and there is a lot of trust.  For example, it’s very rare to find a bike that has been left, actually locked up.  We were out for 90 minutes in total, and then three soggy English people returned back home to dry off.

img_0428 img_0426 img_0425 img_0424 img_0423 img_0422

Our basic Swedish lessons continued after lunch as well as some name writing practice for the mini men.  After which we were all a bit fed up with the damp and drizzle, and darkness of the day, so on went the log fire, out came the paints and play-doh, and mess was created!!  Me with the fire, the children with the craft supplies.  Abba was on really loudly (and no we aren’t taking the mickey, it’s on the radio station practically every other song!), and spirits lifted for the afternoon.

img_0433 img_0432

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