Back to School…..for the Last Time….

So this morning we took a deep breath, packed up three bags, (book bag, PE bag, and school bag), and rushed out into the drizzly day.  None of us can wait to wake up to being able to investigate the world at our pace, and not rush around, and indulge in whatever interest has taken our attention for that day.  We spent most of half term recovering from an ambiguous tummy ache, that was neither a full on vomiting bug, but yet made her feel very squiffy, and not in her mind either (couldn’t eat her ice cream at her best friend’s party!!).  However, by the time we arrived at school it was making its presence known again.  I can’t help thinking (and hoping) that once she leaves at Easter, this may become a problem of the past.  So last night to distract her amidst the groans about school, I asked her to make me a picture that would encapsulate what she felt her home schooling experience was going to be like.  And it showed some interesting things.


I had a little chuckle at the legoland trips and the peppa pig world trips, and I am not entirely sure about the sleepover play dates (there isn’t enough sleeping in this house anyway!), but I could see that some things we had talked about had registered.  Like exploring places, museums, and the library, (the “little bit of maths and literacy” indicates maybe how much time I should allocate to each activity!).  I was also happy to see that she had taken on board that the outdoors would predominantly be our classroom, as she had written beach, park, and bike rides.  She has missed the outdoors being  in school 5 days out of 7, being inside when it rains, and less playtime.  I also felt reassured that she seemed to have listened to the fact that leaving school didn’t mean leaving her friends, as she wrote about meeting friends, play dates, and sharing secrets!! There were a few surprises in there though which gave me an insight into perhaps what she also needs from her home schooling experience, apart from being educated.   She has written about having snuggle time and giving her a hug, and having good times with Mamma and Dadda.  Our little lady is extremely tactile and I think she’s looking forward to more contact with her family, having more emotional freedom, and enjoying being able to sit quietly together either doing something like reading or just sitting and mulling things over.

We are now on the home leg towards the end of term, as it’s a very short half term running up to Easter.  My attention is now on thinking up ways that will de-school our little lady, and get her away from the mind set created in schools, so she can have a freer learning experience.


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      Thankyou so much, and no queues!! A friend of mine suggested at the weekend about trips discounted for home schoolers as schools would get them discounted. I hadn’t thought of that and when I looked into it I was surprised at the amount out there!

  1. I love that she wants to make trips to Legoland and Paultons…..they can be educationally too. Tyler went with the school to Paultons to learn about the rollercoasters and how they work!

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      It’ll be fab…so many adventures await us. Unlike the boys who were into proper lego aged three, she’s just come round to the concept and now enjoys it.

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