Back into a Routine…Kind of!!

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Today, Dadda headed back to work after a week off to move house, and we aimed to try and get a bit of a routine back, around doing our final bits for the house, and admin jobs to do with moving country.  Today’s main task that had to be worked around was the delivery of a sofa bed for our spare room, so we can have guests to stay.  So, as we are talking about bedrooms, I will show you the final few photos of the house now they are sorted too.  We have our main bedroom, the Allrum (a cosy lounge on the landing), and the spare room.

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We needed to get back into the swing of things, mainly getting our outdoor time back and a bit of home education done as well.  The day kicked off with a 90 minute walk in the rain.  We were going to forage for chestnuts, walk via the shop to pick up supplies for our science later, and then explore the woods at the end of our garden.  It was pouring with rain (as it has been for the last week), but now in Sweden we most definitely have to behave like them, and dressed up in our waterproofs and headed out.

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img_0201As we headed into the woods (it’s a circular route), some school children from over the road headed in the other way, so I could show our little lady that they use the woods from school.  Then further along our walk, my trio found the outdoor classroom seating area, so they were very excited.  Our walk was good and we all enjoyed being back outside despite the rain.  As we walked back home past förskola, all the little people were out in the pouring rain too, using the sandpits and mud kitchens, and general play equipment.  It was so refreshing not to see young children cooped up indoors just because of the weather.  They were thoroughly enjoying themselves too.  We did manage to find chestnuts, although I am in our little lady’s bad books, as I popped them in the oven, and then promptly forgot about them for over an hour, by which time I’d cremated them very successfully, and thus were completely inedible!!

After lunch (and no chestnuts, but one sofa delivered), I needed to tackle the cellar before I settled into a bit of science for the afternoon with the trio.  It just needed a bit of shuffling around and organising of boxes.  Things such as boxes of Christmas decorations needed to be accessible, I needed to dig out spare bedding, and just generally sort it into a more organised set up.  After that, we dived into our latest copy of Whizz Pop Bang, and a favourite for all….colour explosion!!

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We did three experiments today (the fourth was thwarted by the lack of sunshine), before our little lady snuck off to her new room with the pull out section.  The first one we did was “nature’s colours”.  I taught the children that there were natural dyes in food that we could extract by crushing, using in a powder form, or grating.  Today we made orange paint (carrots), purple paint (beetroot), and yellow paint (turmeric), before all three (starved of any art and craft supplies for about 4 weeks now) totally immersed themselves in painting pictures (I think art and craft is going to be a firm favourite more than usual for a bit now as they’ve not had access to their supplies for a while).  The next experiment went down REALLY well, as it involved taking colourful sugar coated sweets (in our case the Swedish version of smarties) and putting them on absorbent paper, before dropping droplets of water on top of them, and watching the colours spread outwards – a form of chromatography.  As the colours spread, they also break down into the various colour components used to make the colour of that sweet’s coating, so you can see if it used one colour dye, or many.  They enjoyed that as it meant there were supplies to gobble afterwards!  The final one we did was to make a rainbow fan and then see the colours curve like a rainbow.  All three had a fantastic afternoon and really enjoyed themselves, complete with a successful cosy fire burning in the log burning stove!!  That, for me, is a big achievement!!!  I am now sat waiting for my little lady to come out of her second ballet class, this time all clad in her gear, (red, while everyone else is in white!!), so I shall see how she’s got on!!

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