Adventures in the Sand Dunes.


Oh my, what a fantastic day we had today, myself with our trio of adventurers.  I had decided to head out to The National Trust’s East Head in West Sussex.  We had been many times before to the main beaches round the corner (and they are one of our favourite places, the Witterings) but we had never ventured out to this constantly evolving sand and shingle spit before.  It is full of sand dunes, insects, birds, flowers, grasses and animals.  A perfect classroom for the home educated 🙂 We will definitely be returning in the future to link theory to practice about coastal change and all the ins and outs of that topic, as well as a few other trips to look at the nature more in depth.

IMG_8890 IMG_8892

Today we had left home armed with our seashore spotter’s guide, crabbing supplies, mini beast kits, nets, buckets, a kite and a little bit of cheeky maths and English tucked in there as well.  However, all we had time for over the course of 6.5 hours was dune adventures, a bit of digging on the beach and splashing in the sea!!!  Oh and a little geocache bimble at the end 😉  Today was definitely a day for child led nature play, and although the maths and English did get done (the mini men always wander over at some point in the day asking to do their reading, which is really lovely) it was more about the free play that happened in the dunes.  They must have run miles, up and down the sandy hills, and they must be walloped now.

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So we NEED to return many more times, fortunately, for a few more activities.  There is so much to spot and learn I can see from the seashore spotter’s guide.  I had a little flick through and could see that a lot of the life in there was present in this dynamic environment.  I’d love to go mini beast hunting with them in the dunes too and see what we come out with.  There is also a lot more of the head to explore than we did today…..when you are dragging beach kit for the day with all the supplies, there is a limit to how far you can walk across sand with three little people in tow.  We need to head back out there for a proper long day’s walking around more of the area.  We have had such an amazing day and by the end, the sun was out too making it a bit more comfortable for running around in the water splashing each other, and of course in the case of our little lady, taking a swim!  Hopefully next time I’ll remember to bring the kite to fly…..and the cutlery too, so they don’t need to eat noodles, meatballs, sweetcorn and pasta out of their thermos flasks with twigs 🙂

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