Advent Calendars and Hibernation Vibes.

This is the second day in a row we have cancelled our workbooks in favour of more gentle creative activities, and I’m beginning to wonder if my body and energy levels think they should be heading for hibernation!  The children’s energy levels are still set on “wide awake and bouncing”, but they don’t seem to need to be exercised as much at the moment. When we had a dog, I often joked that him getting a walk was just a pleasant by-product of needing to exercise the children!  So with them quite happy to while away afternoons in front of a log fire with hot chocolates, listening to stories on a CD player and doing Hama Beads, I am not going to grumble!!  It seems like we may all be in need of a bit of battery recharging!

img_0838 img_0839

I did get an industrious morning of cleaning and washing done first (as the grandparents arrive tomorrow), as well as getting our advent calendars “done”.  The trio have a pocket for each day with some sweet treats in, and Dadda has one I cross stitched pre-children.  That one is much more at home in our Swedish home now as it has tomte on 🙂  So, we are all geared up for an exciting long weekend with the grandparents, as well as getting our sugary high once a day for 24 days :-)!!

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