A Massive First and Progress :-)

IMG_8987This picture is a huge leap forward for twin 2 and has made my day.  On Friday (as I mentioned in the blog about forest school), he started making shapes with his drawing, rather than squiggles and blobs.  I was giddy enough over that, and the fact it has taken years to cultivate an interest in pens and paper, and other crafty utensils.  Today though, 2 days later, he has grabbed a piece of paper and drawn his entire family, just like that.  I am so pleased.  Firstly he is now getting obvious pleasure from drawing and making shapes and pictures, but also he has started to commit pen to paper.  I have deliberately not pushed or rushed him, but when everything has been out for the others I have encouraged him to try something if he wanted to, and gone with whatever he ended up doing just to get him using pens, paint etc.  Give him letter magnets or wooden letters and he’ll happily write his name out with them, but writing and drawing have never held an interest for him.

The other lesson of the day for me today has been, I will never ever have enough sellotape in the house at the moment.  The twins are fascinated with the stuff!

IMG_8993 IMG_8992


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