A Day of Two Halves.

IMG_8960Today we matched the weather dividing itself neatly into two halves..a grotty rainy drizzly morning, and a bright, sunny, and windy afternoon.  This morning our little lady had her first ever dancing exam…Grade 1 ballet.  So after a quick run through, then gluing her hair to her head with copious amounts of hair spray, and making sure we had everything, we left the men of the IMG_8994house to themselves and us girls headed off to the exam centre.  She enjoyed her exam but did admit her legs were shaking at the barre bless her.  The boys on the other hand, did self led entertainment under the watchful eye of dadda.  They played for a while, then they did some colouring, and then even got letters out to draw over and practise.  I am loving the fact they love their reading and writing so much they go and dig it out themselves.

Then this afternoon was a bit of a crafty one, but involving nature, a lot of Play-Doh, and an enormous amount of sellotape (the twins are obsessed with the stuff).  I love an idea we have learnt from forest school.  You pick some leaves and/or petals, then put them onto half a side of material.  You then fold the material over the top, and start bashing it.  You can do it with a stick, but ours used a hammer today.  The results are lovely coloured prints onto the fabric, and you brush the squashed leaves and petals off.  As the children were able to pick some petals from the garden being at home, there was a slightly greater range of colours available, although my bracken one at the top of the post (from the forest) was very effective.  We then used them to decorate the back of their nature journals.

IMG_8991 IMG_8990 IMG_8989 IMG_8988

We have had quite a hectic weekend for us, and all three were ready to flop way before their bedtimes, so by 7pm dadda and I were free to chill…well apart from all the other jobs that go with having three children to sort out!!

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  1. Love your blog! Where did you get the chunky pen? My LO is mastering the art of ‘staying in the lines’ and i’m struggling to find a pen that she can grip well.

    1. Post

      Hiya, that’s really kind of you to say, I am glad you like reading it. The pen is a scentos marker (they have a thinner felt tip range too). They are sold one per packet in the markers range. It’s taken a lot of different things to get them into drawing, but they both adore these markers, and also a biro which you can change the colours round the top, which is also quite chunky. Mini man no.1 has the blueberry one, and mini man no.2 has the watermelon one. Hope this helps 🙂

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