New Forest Wildlife Park

z152Today we took a visit to the New Forest Wildlife Park.  We visited with another family we are friends with, making 2 pairs of 4 year old twins and 6 children between us!  We had a lovely day, and the whole place has a calm and laid back vibe about it, making it a much more relaxed day out than some other places we have been to visit animals.  It is a place to visit owls (a lot of different breeds), Bison, deer, wallabies, wolves, butterflies, many types of otter, water voles, hedgehogs, harvest mice, ferrets, polecats, foxes, sousliks, wild cats, boars, lynx, and badgers.

We started the day with some owls, which always fascinate me and then the butterfly house.  The children loved the butterfly house as usual, but what made it really special was the fact the butterflies seemed to like them just as much!!  They were landing on them, letting them examine them on their hands, and they really took a lot away from that interactive experience.  The butterflies were most obliging!

z155 z154

z153After the butterflies we headed to the otters.  I think I can safely say, after spending around an hour observing them, all four of us are otter obsessed.  They are very cute (even though they have a sharp nip!).  They love to juggle stones, and they even get “favourite” stones (maybe our little lady is an otter at heart!!).  They walk around with the stones under their armpit so no one else can pinch their favourite stone, and then squirrel them awz151ay somewhere, creating a pile of


favourite stones!!  They were fascinating to watch, moving as a group with a rather adorable squeaking sound.  They rough and tumbled each other, played in the water, and generally looked like they loved to get up to a good dose of mischief!

z150 z149 z148 z145

One our other favourites were the wolves.  They were beautiful and graceful, although the whole idea of seeing wolves had scared our little lady a lot beforehand, and I am not sure I’ve mentioned to her yet they live in Sweden!  The whole experience was a fantastic day out, and there was a lovely play area for them to indulge in while we ate lunch too, all blending in to its surroundings, but involving a lot of climbing and heights, so right up my trios street!  I would definitely recommend going here, for anyone that wants a calm, unrushed day out, indulging in looking at animals that we don’t usually see in places we visit such as zoos and farms.





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