My Stream Idyll is Found….

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…..Although it could have done with a little more water in the river bed!  I had a tip off about a little place in the New Forest called Linford Bottom.  So, today we headed over there with a like minded family we are friends with to check it out.  When we arrived, I was very puzzled as to where all the water was in what seemed quite a wide river in places, with quite a bit of erosion to its banks too.  It’s not as if we’ve had the most amazing hot summer with no rain!  So, we left the cars in the forestry commission car park and walked along the river bank, or even along the river bed, until we came to a small body of water.

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walking across the dry river bed

It actually turned out to be the perfect place.  It was well hidden and far enough away from most people who arrived and tumbled out of their cars and stayed next to the car park, so we felt like we had the whole place to ourselves.  The water consisted of one very small part, and one larger part that they could wade through up to thigh height in.  The smaller body of water made it easier for them to catch the very fast moving tiny fish with a net (another national trust mission ticked off!), and the bushes surrounding the other larger bit of water provided brilliant hiding places for their water fights, as well as making it all very pretty and scenic.  There were nice grassy banks for us to chill out on too, letting the children just get on with their play with no worries they were disturbing anyone.

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When we first arrived they all spent a good long time catching the fish and examining them, and then progressed onto a very long game of water pistols, and water fights.  They had an absolute blast running through the water and around the bushes.  They also did some playing with the water and the beach toys.  This was such a lovely place for them to do their thing, and play in nature, and us grown ups to sit back, enjoy the brief summer weather and chill out, knowing they were happy at their play.  My three little people have flopped into bed (one only just made it to bedtime, we thought we’d broken mini man no.2 again after a hectic 3 days and then a fun day in the sun today) all asking to return there before we leave the country, and tomorrow will see us head off for sandy beaches and sand dunes….if summer is only going to last a few more days then they WILL be found out on the beach!!

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