Mamma’s School First School Trip Part 1.

IMG_8197An aim of mine was to take all three children to the Natural History Museum in London before the huge dinosaur disappeared from the main entrance.  Whilst I am sure they will replace it with something equally as stunning, for 2 little men aged four (our daughter had been previously 2 years ago), dinosaurs have a big impact.  To get three small (fast moving) children across London on an underground was going to require a certain amount of choreography and an extra pair of hands, so Dadda took three days off work to join us on our school trip.  We drove up to the outskirts of London, and then left the car and took a direct line tube to the Natural History Museum.  The underground itself was a huge adventure for them, and all the three days of the adventure just took their breath away.

IMG_8215Our trio were absorbed in what the museum had to offer. The first port of call was the dinosaurs, as the mini men were excited to see them, with a fair fistful of terror thrown in there 😉 They watched displays about how the dinosaurs came and went, and what they did and ate (good when you can’t read), and saw some great models of dinosaurs and dinosaur parts.  It really put it into perspective for them.  However, as I am guessing is the case with most small visitors, the animatronic T-Rex stole the show!  I had packed their VTech cameras for them all, so they took photos (after the initial fear and terror had worn off).  Mini man no.1 was more anxious than the other two, clinging on for quite a while, but at least he didn’t leg it back out the room as soon as he saw it like another little visitor did!


IMG_8204IMG_8253 IMG_8216What was wonderful to see was our little lady completely immersed in the displays and artefacts.  There was no need to rush and she could take all the time in world, going at her pace.  She was totally absorbed by it all, and trying to capture just the right pictures on her camera too.  We visited other areas of them museum, by no means all of it, but all three loved it.

IMG_8223The next stop was the science museum next door.  Whilst the ground floor did grab their attention visually, the rest of the museum was a bit lacking in visual impact for little people, so after looking around the space part for a while, we headed to a talk on bubbles (aimed at little people).  They loved this and the lady doing it was fantastic and funny.  Our little lady was given a “bubble pet” (a smoke filled bubble) and they were again absorbed in the experience and what they were learning.  Afterwards we headed back to our car and onto a local Travelodge for the night.  The trio were completely overwhelmed by the breakfast buffet in the morning, and the mini men, loving their hotel experience were adamant they didn’t want to leave…….that wouldn’t last long when they saw their next destination!!!  Part 2 (and days 2 & 3) of the school trip to follow 🙂


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