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IMG_7679All three little people had recently requested, with a lot of enthusiasm, to go to a farm.  So, today we set off on that adventure.  We have a lovely farm over in the New Forest called Longdown Activity Farm.  The boys are young enough to not really remember much from their last trip there over a year ago, and although our little lady has been 7 times in her 8 year life, she was just as keen.  I was pleased that she didn’t view this as an activity that was beneath her grown up years, and glad she still wanted hands on connection to the animals.  I realised that she can learn there on a new and higher level of understanding, but it does show she is open to the possibilities of situations, not just writing them off as a younger sibling’s experience.

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We made sure that we got to all of the animal feeding and handling opportunities at Longdown Activity Farm, so first up were the calves.  Despite all the slobber and great tongues licking everything, little man number 2 did very well even with his aversion to being wet or dirty!  Then it was time to feed the cheeky kid goats.  A few hoody and trouser ties nibbled later, we departed for the animal handling.  The children always love this.  They can brush goats, stroke rabbits, and hold baby chicks….although I am not sure our little lady was too impressed with the chick poop on her jeans.  They all love pretending to be farmers for the day, and as all three have a passion for animals, they like being so up close and personal with them, and given a chance to care for them (especially the cute baby ones).

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IMG_7728There is lots to do on Longdown Activity farm, and after a morning of animal feeding and handling, we headed off to fetch our lunches via the guinea pig and chicks sheds….BIG mistake……I am now very clear on the fact that our little lady wants a guinea pig, and after going on about it for so long, number 2 mini man enlisted in the badgering as well, although I’m not sure he realised it meant keeping a guinea pig at home forever, he just thought he should start saying it too!  They also picked up some freshly laid hens’ eggs from their house, and dropped them into the shop on the way.  Mini man n0.2 wanted to eat his egg (after a holiday we did last summer on a farm where they did keep the eggs they collected), but did manage to be placated with a swap for a sticker…that shop owner has no idea how lightly he got off, as that would not usually work!  Lunch was eaten while playing in the play area and viewing the school trips taking tractor rides, before we then hopped on for a very bumpy but giggle inducing lap in the trailer round the fields.

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IMG_7732The rest of the afternoon was passed revisiting various favourite animals, riding on an assortment of toy tractors, having a brief play in the barn soft play area, and with a little bit of conventional style learning thrown in.  We also completed another National Trust mission (visiting a farm) and so filled out the books, and did the task set on that page.  It was a fantastic day (made all the better by Wednesday Springtime returning!!), and everyone was happy going home.

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