Fun on the Farm.

ff5This photo shows our little lady pinging water bombs at one of her best friends, so you can tell from that, that this was no ordinary day out at the farm ūüôā ¬†Our mini men are friends with the little sister of our little lady’s friend, and to celebrate her fifth birthday, we all headed off to Finkley Down Farm. ¬†The main attraction of the day was the visit to the farm by Chase and Marshall from the Paw Patrol Team….all three little people are huge fans, and the older girls didn’t seem to mind having the chance to meet them either. ¬†Predictably, the earlier meet and greets of the pups were bursting, so we chilled out and just followed where the children led us, and played the waiting game choosing to see the pups later on. ¬†Funnily enough the children didn’t head straight for the animals, but enjoyed a very long play on all the different equipment. ¬†They particularly enjoyed the trampoline (which after about 20 minutes they asked us if they could come off, like we’d forced them on there!), the tall tower slide, a zip line, and a huge sand pit full of dumper trucks, little spades, enormous spades, and various buckets. ¬†After some lunch we then headed to coo over baby calves, goats, guinea pigs, and rabbits…one guinea pig had been having a great time. ¬†36 little female guinea pigs were put in the guinea pig house. ¬†However, unfortunately, one had been sexed wrong, and suddenly Finkley Down Farm has seen a huge explosion in its guinea pig population :-0 ¬†After that little bimble it was time to head over and meet the Paw Patrol Pups, Chase and Marshall.

ff7 ff6

Our boys adore these pups, and our little lady isn’t far behind in her admiration. ¬†So this was a dream come true for them, and even mini man no.1 put aside his fear of grown ups in oversized children’s character outfits, to chat to them and touch them. ¬†Lots of “whys” as to where the rest of the team were, but they finally agreed that perhaps they were a bit busy on a rescue mission. ¬†Next up the older 2 girls lobbed water bombs at each other and then we all headed for a well deserved ice cream. ¬†The final thing on the children’s to do list was a pony ride, and whilst the queue wasn’t that long it took a very long time to get to the front. ¬†But being 5 friends together, they amused themselves really well, and soon it was their turn.

ff4 ff2

ff1We have now put to bed three very worn out children from a very fun day out with their friends ūüôā

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