Explosion! A Museum Day Out with a Bang!

IMG_7664The museum Explosion! is the Museum of Naval Firepower, and whilst I do plan to take my trio into it one day (another thing added on to my extensive list of trips out to do…), today we were there for the family fun day, the main aim being to meet up with the BFF’s from school 🙂 The weather was its usual freezing, blowy, just about not raining self but the children had a blast (ha ha!!).  They played on bouncy castles, queued for face paints (that was so slow I managed to persuade them I’d do them tomorrow at home…that leaves me with a few extra pounds in my pocket too), and did a mini marine assault course, that mini man number one adored and did around 10 times (much to his father’s delight 😉 ).  They also decorated ginger bread men, had a lovely photo altogether (a treasured keepsake), and visited the archaeological stand, trying on all their kit and handling samples.  Our little lady who is fascinated with collecting anything and everything, cleaned the Royal Navy Reserve stand of any freebies and in the end I think they were packing up so fast to try and escape her!!  It was a lovely afternoon with lovely company.

IMG_7667 IMG_7666

A Day out at the explosion museum Portsmouth Gosport Hampshire www.mammasschool.co.uk

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