Easter Egg trails and Nature Playtime.

IMG_7249It’s the first day of the Easter holidays, and with Easter day upon us almost immediately, (and with what was looking like being the only sunny day of the long weekend), we needed to head out on an Easter egg hunt.  We chose Harold Hillier Gardens near Romsey as this is somewhere we had never been before, so not done their Easter egg trails.  It didn’t disappoint.  The hunt trail took in a lot of the gardens, giving us a good long sunny walk, and a chance to have a comprehensive tour of the place.  The sun was shining and there was even some warmth to it too.  Armed with our picnics on our backs, off we set.


Our little lady soon took charge of shepherding her little brothers, using her map to guide her.  I was rather a hindrance at the start trying to help with using my map to check her movements, until Dadda pointed out, that for some reason on my map, all the numbers were marked in different places!  I gave up and let her crack on.  They walked, looked at maps, solved clues, played games, and at the end got that all important very yummy lindt egg, that us grown ups drooled over watching them eat.  Then it was off for lunch, or rather a two and half hour period where they played in the tree house, climbed trees, and made dens whilst grabbing bits of lunch here and there in between.  Today has been a perfect example of how we like our outdoors play as a family…lots of risk taking, confidence building, imaginative games, and most of all fun!  It’s fair to say that today, they used natures resources to their full advantage in their antics.

IMG_7252Can you spot 2 of our cheeky monkeys here?…

One in a red top and one in a pink top…..





IMG_7251Our third monkey is a little easier to spot…



IMG_7250I love this last photo, as it shows the contrasts in our little lady’s day out…there is always time to get the sketch book out and create a masterpiece (today with oil based pastel crayons that she’d packed).  That is what this learning adventure is all about, not confining certain subjects into certain time frames, or settings.  Today was totally child led (apart from us providing the environment).  They dictated the day, where we wandered, what they played, and how they played, or whether they lay down in the middle of the main path to draw.  There were no time constraints and the day drew to a natural close when they started to get weary, and there were no arguments about heading back to the car.  Three tired, happy, and very pleased with themselves children have now gone to bed (shame it doesn’t equal extra long sleeps and a morning lie in ;-)!!!).

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