Day 20 Immersing Ourselves in Tropical Nature.

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Our adventure for the day, may well not have technically been outdoors in nature, but we were definitely immersed in it, exploring another environment other than our damp and windy UK one.  We couldn’t ignore Tropical World in Leeds right on the doorstep of where we were staying.  The first piece of good news was the admission price.  Going anywhere as a family of five usually requires a bank loan, but here under 5’s were free (which I thought was fantastic as the mini men were definitely as amazed as the rest of us), and it wasn’t overpriced for the other three of us (the bad thing was queuing in the gift shop to enter with three little people formulating a real time shopping wish list).

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The colours were so vivid, bright, and had you transfixed.  The butterflies were the first things we saw.  Huge, beautiful, brightly coloured ones, flying all around us.  I loved an electric blue variety, but they were very hard to catch on the camera.  There was also a cupboard full of cocoons.  Having grown their own butterflies from caterpillars recently, the children were struggling to take in the shear volume of cocoons and the size of the butterflies.

IMG_8519 IMG_8521 IMG_8523 IMG_8528 IMG_8531 IMG_8535

IMG_8543The fish were another area that we spent a lot of time in.  There was one in the large tank that seemed to play a very good game of peekaboo, sliding himself up to see the children, and then back down to hide, and then up again, many, many times.  Again the colours were beautiful and very striking.  I was amazed at the variety we could see at Tropical World, as there were many other species too in the form of birds and reptiles amongst others, and specifically meerkats, bats, crocodiles, and to the trios delight, Rapunzel’s little reptile, Pascal 🙂

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This has whetted our appetite for a trip that was already planned for the autumn (to tie in with what we will be looking at in science) to a more local Tropical World.  It is an amazing way to study another ecosystem, and will also be a good way to keep warm on a cold autumn day 😉


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