“Climb a Huge Hill”

img_9547Today we climbed a “huge hill” so the children had done that activity in their National Trust books.  I had wanted to take them up Butser Hill before we left the country anyway, so it was a good opportunity.  A bit fresher temperature so it wouldn’t be as hot and sweaty as it would have been a few days ago.  So off we adventured only to bump into the whole of the south of England from about 6 years old to 60 years old running up the thing!!

img_9542 img_9548 img_9536 img_9538

We did eventually manage to break away from parents running alongside their children screaming for them to overtake, somewhat breaking the calm of the tranquil setting, and find our own space to listen to all the grasshopper and crickets chirping away in the long grass.  The children did really well, and once they had reached the top insisted on a game of tag!  We sat and enjoyed the view while having a snack, before walking around the circular route at the top.  Towards finishing the end of this, we found a lovely little roundhouse kiosk where the children could enjoy bacon or sausage baps, and I could enjoy the view for a little longer, away from the busy visitor centre at the bottom, before we headed back down.

img_9550 img_9549

I walked back down, but the children enjoyed running back down, completely out of control, and going splat on their faces a good few times much to the amusement of other walkers!  It was such a lovely four hours with my little people and taken at an unhurried pace, with nothing to rush back for (which makes a change at the moment).  They had all been interested in the basic key to the basic map we bought, and they have also all learnt that a trig point is the highest spot, and what it looks like on a map and in reality.

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