z116With the arrival of our little lady’s Blue Peter Badge, and our move to Sweden edging closer, it got me thinking about places I’d like to explore with the children before we leave this country.  We have done a lot with our trio, but we have a home education National Trust card and now a Blue Peter card, that I would also like to take advantage of a little before we leave, plus a few other places I’d like to take them.

With so many places to choose from, I did manage to make a shorter list of around 25 (one of which was Stonehenge), so if we move to Sweden at the earliest possible date we can, we are in no way going to see all those, so I am picking and choosing from the list.  I wanted them to see some caves, and although Wookey Hole and Cheddar Gorge are on the list, they seem really commercialised, so we are going for a more natural experience next week in Gloucestershire (and a little cheaper too!).  I’d love to be able to take them to the Dinosaur museum in Dorchester after they loved the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum, and along with that one is the Teddy bear museum, and possibly monkey world, in the same area.  The science museum in Bristol is another one at the top of my list.  I remember a school trip to this place when I was younger and it was fantastic, and looking at its website it has got even better.  We have managed to organise a trip to the New Forest Wildlife Park with some friends of ours to enjoy a “goodbye” day there, and I am definitely going to head back to Furzey Gardens (as close to the time we go as possible…as long as that doesn’t get drawn out) with the trio as there is no where to collect conkers quite like there :-)!!
z126So those are my priorities really, but I have other places too:  I’d like to head to the WWT Slimbridge, BirdlandPark and Gardens in Gloucestireshire, WWT Arundel, the Bekonscot model village, The British Wildlife Centre in Surrey, Box Hill, Hengistbury Head, Buriton, Butser Hill, Hinton Ampner, and Tropical World near Newbury 🙂  So between these plans and packing up a house, there isn’t much time left for sleeping!!!  My list of adventures for Sweden has already started too, but I need to remember I have to unpack a house there too, and will have a lot more time in the future to explore.  I think for now the issue is I am not sure when our time here is up….it could be three weeks it could be three months (although I seriously hope not and a lot hangs on a house bidding war due to start Monday night!!).


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