Mini Adventures To Take With Your Mini People

Yay!!!! I have finally managed to complete my first book all about mini adventures, and it was available from late October.  This blog post is well overdue to tell you about it, but life has been revolving around adopting a retired sled dog from Norway (see my instagram highlights and photos), which happened just after the book became available.  So I have been a little distracted….in a very lovely way!!  I am very excited about this book of mini adventures as it finally puts all my ramblings down in one concise place, bringing together a lot of work I have done around my passion of getting children and families into the outdoors for fun together.

In today’s modern world we are a little more insulated from the outdoor lifestyle, as well as there being a tendency to over-complicate what is an innate ability in children to enjoy the outdoors. The mini adventures in the book keep things simple and easy, in bite-sized chunks. With its practical tips and guides, getting everyone outdoors for an adventure in nature is less overwhelming. Reconnect and rewild together with your mini people, enjoying the limitless opportunities that nature’s playground offers with these mini adventures.This book is designed to be the little helpful handbook of ideas and practical tips to get you out on a mini adventure with your mini people. Adventures need not be big, expensive, or exhausting. Cheaper is better for the grown-ups, and smaller and simpler are much better for both adult and child. Mini adventures need to be enjoyed by everyone, not leaving children so exhausted they become allergic to future adventures, or adults so shattered it is easier not to do them. Keep them manageable so everyone from old to young can enjoy it.

The mini adventure ideas in this book are designed to be used as either stand-alone mini adventures, or mixed and matched into larger ones, depending on energy levels, time available, and the age of the children that set off on them. You can take as little as an hour over them or enjoy them for a whole day, depending on how much time you have available. You do not need to set aside large chunks of time. Little and often is better than feeling overwhelmed trying to set aside large amounts of time, meaning you never get out on a mini adventure.

I really hope you will find this book a helpful aid and tool to getting outdoors together.  Also if you know anyone who needs a gift, look no further ;-). On that note you can find the book on amazon.

Also, could I ask, if you do read the book, please could you pop back to Amazon and leave a review and rating as this helps the book be “suggested” to others who are shopping there…thank you!

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