Easy Campfire Recipes – Totally Tantalising Tastebud Teasers

Campfires can be a cosy break for refuelling on a hike, or a place to base yourselves while children play in nature for a while, or a necessity for cooking food on an overnight camping adventure.  Whatever your reasons are for having a campfire, they can be an incredibly cosy environment.  They can be fun, magical, and add a sense of adventure to your outdoor trip.  These campfire recipes will be a great addition for any outdoor trip or adventure.

Over the years we have amassed a numerous amount of recipes we have trialled on the campfire.  Some have worked better than others, some have taken a few attempts to perfect, and sometimes our pot has become so charred I have wondered if it might not be easier just to bin it! All our attempts at campfire cooking have two things in common though; they are very simple ideas and the children are more likely to eat it (even if charred) with less complaint that if this was a meal around a table in the home.  

All the recipes are very easy, ingredients and measurements are a rough guide, and you can easily tweak and adapt the recipes to refine them to your tastes.  Above all have fun trying them, and enjoy the cosy campfire vibes as you gobble up whatever campfire treat you have created.  In this book you will also find practical guides and helpful tips for making and having campfires.  You can also check out my book of Mini Adventures To Take With Your Mini People for more outdoor fun ideas and practical tips.

The book is available from Amazon or amazon.de if you are ordering from Sweden.

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