Winter Tree Craft – Nature Weaving, Finger Painting, Journey Sticks, and Decorating Sticks.

The first of our activities, that we chose for this week’s nature art and craft, was nature weaving.  We had collected three Y shaped sticks and wound string around the V part; wind it round one branch, pull it across, and then wind it round the other, then pull it back across, and so on, until you have horizontal lines going up the V part.  We had then collected various items from the garden to weave through them.  Unfortunately at this time of year we are rather limited in the freezing cold with what we can collect, so evergreen supple branches had to do!  The children wove them over and under each horizontal thread, and then added the next one parallel to it.  At the end they tucked in brightly coloured craft feathers and tin foil to add a splash of colour!

The next idea we decided to do straight into the journals so we could keep it.  A winter tree would ideally be done on coloured paper, so it could be left bare, and use white paint thumbprints to create snow around and on it.  However, we lack white paint, and the paper in our books is white!  So, plan B was put into action, and brightly coloured leaves were added 🙂  The children painted their arms and hands and printed them into the books.  The arms became the trunks, and the fingers the branches.  I love it now when mini man no.2 does things like this (and enthusiastically as well) as there was a time when he wouldn’t even go near paint, as just the thought of getting it on him would cause a melt down….but persistence has paid off and he can now enjoy the use of it.  Next they did thumbprints or fingerprints for the leaves, and I love how they turned out.  

The third craft was an outdoor one.  A journey stick is a collection of items from a nature based walk that is then a memento of your trip 🙂  Be sure to remind the little people that they mustn’t disturb nature, so try and pick up things already on the ground.

You chose a suitable stick (chunky enough to be sturdy but not so big they can’t walk with it!), and wrap some string around it in continuous loops (these will be used to slot your items into).  We used purple sparkly wool….obviously everything must be sparkly!!  Our little lady is pictured slotting some undergrowth into her stick, whereas the mini men…..well, they had a sword fight!!  (They did end up getting a few pieces after the sword fighting and flag waving was out of the way!).  We decided as we did it, this would be an interesting thing to do every season, and then compare our photos.  Today, it was pine cones, berries, small pine needle branches (a few variations), mosses, and lichen.  So mainly greeny, brown.  Here is her finished result.

Our last craft was a very calming one (and boy we need these periods slotted into our days, as the trio are very full on, fast, and noisy!!).  We did stick decorating.  Each little person had a stick and some brightly coloured wool, and then they wound the wool round the stick to make blocks of colour.  This can be done as an outdoor activity, but the cold temperatures here make little fingers lose their dexterity, so today we did it indoors, after our nature walk and journey stick making.

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