Slippery Snails Art and Craft Ideas.

Slippery snails art and craft ideas snail craft snail art have been studying snails in the Nature Curriculum.  Slightly hindered by the snow on the ground, so admittedly it has been mainly theory based.  However, it hasn’t stopped us enjoying some snail art and craft.  We had lots of ideas, but just did three.  I have to rein myself in sometimes as there is so much I want to do with them, but that makes it all a rush, rather than a chilled afternoon creating.  Check out my snail pinterest board for more ideas



Our first idea was spotty dotty snails.  There was paint in tubs on the table, and each one had a cork in.  The children then made snails by dotting various colours of paint with the corks 🙂  I love (and so do they by the way!) using alternatives to paint brushes, just to show them that thinking outside the box is fine.  You don’t have to paint with a paint brush because that is they way everyone usually does it.  They loved the results, and we had three very different pictures, depending on how they had decided to use their corks.

Our second idea involved using paper plates for shells.  First of all the trio drew a snails body on cardboard before cutting it out.  Next they decorated the paper plate shell in any way they desired, before gluing it onto the body.  We used pipe cleaners for antennae.

slippery snail art and craft ideas snail art snail craft

The final craft was using Hama beads.  These are very popular in our home, and ours are out and used almost everyday.  It is very rare for Dadda and I to go up to bed and not find some sort of Hama bead creation gift left on our pillows by any one of the trio.  This one is our little lady’s creation…all her favourite colours!!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about our craft ideas, and will have a go yourself 🙂



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  1. I love the spotty dotty snails! Might try this idea with my toddler – as you say, it is always great to paint with something other than paintbrushes. My kids love making snails out of Play-Doh, so they make a long wriggly worm shape and then slowly curl it up to look like a snail’s shell.

  2. What lovely craft ideas i do love the idea of this theme especially for spring.

  3. Ah yes, not the ideal weather for snails is it! Lovely craft ideas though – such fascinating creatures

  4. Such lovely crafting ideas! The Hama beads brings back so many memories for me! XX

  5. Lily would be playing with Hama beads/aquabeads everyday if she could! Love the snail and the curly shell!

  6. oh I love your hama bead snails so much! they are the cutest!

  7. I love the snail painting you did. Such a creative idea. May have to do that next week

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