Salt Painting.

We’ve been doing some salt paintings.  This is a really good activity for little people, and their sense of wonder is really piqued.  What you need is:  card, glue, salt, and very watered down paints.  We used pipettes, but you can use brushes.  You dribble/paint the glue onto the card, and then sprinkle salt all over the glue.  Tip the excess salt off the picture and recycle back into the pot for further pictures.  Once this preparation has been done, drop drips of paint onto the glue.  Then watch……!

The salt takes up the colour and it spreads along the salt/glue line.  We were trying raised pictures first (with a raised bit of glue and salt).  It took a little while for the mini men to be a little more refined with their paint dropping, but once they got the hang of it, they were fascinated about the colours travelling along the salt.  They loved watching the colours merge and seeing what would be the end result.  All three enjoyed the crystal like texture and look the paintings took on.

With a few of the paintings where there was too much fluid, the children decided to fold them in half to “blot” some of the paper.  The result was a beautiful symmetrical image, so a discussion regarding symmetry then followed.  They had great fun doing this in the afternoon and requested to do it again tomorrow (which due to my rather over enthusiastic paint dollops, which then led to a lot of watering down, it is possible and will save wasting the paint supply!).

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