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Our nature curriculum theme for this week is ponds.  I have been on a mission today, and managed to locate the only pond on the island, so feeling quite pleased with myself that we now don’t have to go far to study this topic!  We kicked the topic off today with pond craft ideas.

The first idea was to make a pond on a paper plate.  My trio painted their plates blue, and then mini no.2 left it at that as he wanted some sea for his play people to surf on!!  The other 2 then used craft tissue paper to make lily pads and flowers on their ponds.  You could add other things, but they were quite happy fiddling around with tissue paper.  It can be used for small world play, which mini man no.1 did later, adding small plastic frogs and fish to, and using his imagination to play.

Our second pond craft involved the famous pond resident the frog, and making these was quite a giggle.  The children painted a loo roll green, and stapled one end shut, leaving the other end open for the mouth.  They made some legs, and fixed comically huge googly eyes, and were very happy with their funny frogs!  A simple but very effective idea.

The third idea is something we have done a few times before in the past, but something that they all love doing, which is a pond collage with tissue paper.  They rip the tissue paper and shred it (the most fun part), and use it for the water and the plants.  They can then add other items made from tin foil….the little lady’s pond does seem to have an octopus living in it though!!

The last idea for the day was a pond viewer.  This is then something we are going to take out with us to our pond, to use to see under the water (if there is a gap in the ice). We cut the top and bottom off a plastic drinks bottle.  We then put 2 layers of clingfilm over the top of it and secured them with elastic bands.  The viewer will then be inserted into the pond, clingfilm end first and looked through from the other end.  Hopefully no one will end up with a wet nose 🙂

The following day we set off to our pond, and we did our final piece of pond craft work there.  It was nice to be back in the outdoors doing the craft, something I am looking forward to in the warmer months (more fresh air and a less messy house!).  Here the trio were to build little boats/rafts out of materials (natural or otherwise) that they found lying around the pond.  Being careful not to disturb any nature that was firmly rooted.  The boys were a bit reluctant at first as they were too busy trying to smash the pond ice (that never happened as was a couple of inches thick, but kept them very busy and out of mischief!).  However, once they saw our little lady trying to sail hers they suddenly changed their minds.  No one was disappointed either, as none of them sank.  This wasn’t due so much to the marvellous engineering skills that my three possess at such a young age, but more to do with the fact that there could only have been a cm of water on the surface of the pond with thick ice holding the boats up under that!!  Anyway, they had fun making and sailing them 🙂

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