Getting Crafty With Evergreens

crafts with evergreens exploring nature nature based learning week’s nature curriculum topic is evergreens.  There is a lot of fun that can be had doing craft with this theme.  All our ideas can be taken outdoors, but not for us this week.  With knee deep snow on the ground and minus temperatures, it would have made it rather awkward!  Here are the ideas we chose to do.



With our evergreens we made nature paintbrushes.  Usually you’d get a stick, and attach what you are making as a brush with something like string or an elastic band.  We had ready made handles though, as our evergreen supplies came complete with sticks already.  However, as we were going about making nature brushes, we decided to add some variety to what we were doing, and made brushes from moss and lichen too.  These we did attach to twigs with elastic bands.  The children enjoyed the patterns the paint made using these nature paintbrushes.

Pine cones are good for making characters from.  My trio made some conventional ones ( a horse and an owl), and some unconventional ones (long legged aliens).  I had just left the craft supply box of things such as googly eyes, feathers, lolly sticks, pipe cleaners etc.  and let their imagination and their creativity get on with it:-)



The third craft we opted for was sparkly cone mobiles.  Anything involving glitter is always a winner in this house!  You decorate your pine cones from your evergreen tree, making sure it is covered in an ample amount of glitter.  At the same time making sure you are wearing said glitter everywhere, and the house now has a sparkly sheen to it.  Once the cones are decorated, loop string around the cones, hanging them vertically.

Although, we had these three main ideas, there are a lot of other things that can be done with evergreens.  I left all the supplies out for a few hours, and a lot of other creativity took place as well.  We had animals made from moss and lichen, collages were created, and a random pom pom caterpillar was made 🙂

Thimble and Twig


Outdoor Cooking Treat – Fruity Chocolate Melt


Evergreen Science Fun


  1. Aww this looks so much fun! X

  2. Aw what fantastic crafts. Craving is so much fun we did lots over the half term the children really enjoyed it. I love their creations sticks and pine cones Are great items to start with and get inspiration x

  3. Would have never thought about using the evergreens for a paint brush instead! Everything looks better with a bit of sparkle!!!

  4. I absolutely love how you’ve used the branches to make paintbrushes x x

  5. Oh wow, that looks like lots of fun. I love the creatures they’ve made #littlemakes

  6. I love the little moss animal. That’s just adorable. You are very creative.

  7. This looks like an amazing afternoon of crafts and what a lovely way to learn about nature even when the weather is bad. #littlemakes

  8. Oh I love those pine cone people/animals -amazing! Thanks for linking up to #littlemakes

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