Failed Geocaching, Terrariums, and Firework Painting.

We have three geocaches on our little island, all in areas we haven’t explored yet.  So today we set off to the north east corner of the island in the hope of finding 2 of these.  What I hadn’t bargained for was firstly, I couldn’t keep the phone out for directions in the heavy sleet pouring down.  Secondly, having not dug one out of a snowy area before, I’d not considered this extremely effective form of camouflage. And thirdly, there was no hurrying us up with the descriptions or hints as they were all in Swedish.  So we gave up at the first one, and returned home to try again tomorrow….in the nice weather, complete with translated descriptions!!


img_0535When we got back home we decided to do all things messy and mucky instead!!  One of the extension activities from this week’s nature curriculum is to make a terrarium using moss.  All three loved making these little worlds, and whilst they may not look quite like a traditional terrarium, they have enjoyed learning and doing.  First into the jars was a layer of small stones (for drainage) kindly provided by our driveway.  Next in was a layer of deactivated charcoal to keep the terrarium healthy and prevent bacteria.  On top of that was soil that we’d got from the garden and defrosted while we had lunch!!  Then in went the moss.  We added a couple of small rubber characters, and the obligatory pink sparkles (glitter!).  They are very pleased with their efforts and have been carefully placed in their bedrooms.
img_0537A week or so ago, a lovely friend drew my attention to a post on Facebook about firework painting.  So, having missed the usual displays due to moving, we made some paintings instead.  We half chopped loo rolls to make a splayed out brush, dipped them in various paints, and then dabbed all over paper.  Then on top of the paint……sparkles were liberally added (yet more glitter!).  I think it’s safe to say, with December approaching the glitter will be out permanently and everything and everyone will have a sparkly sheen to them at all times.  Usually at this time of year it gets everywhere, including in the food somehow!


We finished off the day feeling the need to practise the Swedish tradition of fika again, this time to accompany our daily Swedish lesson together 🙂


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