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This week’s theme in the Nature Curriculum is earthworms.  The post is all about our earthworm craft we have been doing at home on the topic of earthworms 🙂 We did four little projects that ranged from being clean activities to thoroughly messy ones!!  I hope you enjoy reading about them, and fancy trying one or two at home, to help get your little people interested in earthworms.  They can all be done outdoors immersed in nature, but as it has been snowing for 2 days (and is still snowing) and it is up to our knees when we tread in it, we are doing our earthworm craft indoors 🙂



The first earthworm craft we did was wrap pipe cleaners around a twig, and then stick googly eyes onto the end.  A nice simple craft, that even my little men with short attention spans enjoyed doing, as they are quite fast to make!

Onto the second earthworm craft which involved threading beads onto a pipe cleaner, attaching a pom pom on the end, and gluing googly eyes on again.  My trio are quite keen to use these as bookmarks.  This is a good learning opportunity for my boys to practise their threading of small items.

Painting with earthworms was our third craft.  I had cooked some spaghetti, and put plates with paint on them, onto the table.  The children then either dipped a handful of earthworms into the paint, or one single one.  They all really enjoyed this messy craft, although I am not too sure this was supposed to happen……

The last earthworm craft was the most favourite.  We made an edible wormery.  Using a clear plastic cup we put some chocolate ice cream in the bottom (sand). Next we then added smashed Oreo biscuits on top (soil), and then repeated again ice cream and the Oreo layer.  The effect should be a nice layered look, but it didn’t quite look so neat!  They tried though and had fun.  In the UK you can buy jelly worm sweets to add onto the top.  Here, we have had to chop a long lace like sweet up for our worms.


Enjoying the Snowy White Stuff That Comes With Living in Sweden :-)


Wriggly, Squirmy, Earthworm Maths!


  1. I love the painting with spaghetti – what a fun idea, I haven’t done that with my kids before

  2. What great crafts! I love the spaghetti painting idea, I might try that with mine!

  3. Great ideas, especially the spaghetti painting!

  4. These are such fantastic ideas! Love them and am so pleased to have discovered your blog! If you ever would fancy joining in with #littlemakes we’d love you to share your creative ideas!

  5. Oh mine would love anything messy to craft with!!

  6. Ooh lots of fun ideas. I like the sounds of the edible wormery 😉 xx

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