Creative Day.

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Today ended up being a very creative day. It wasn’t planned, it just happened.  A week or so ago, another mummy I know had got in some supplies for her daughter to interior design her dolls house.  Our little lady has a very bland plain wooden dolls house, and I’d often considered letting her loose on the outside of it (just never got round to it), but for some reason had never considered anything for the inside (which is odd as she’s so keen on transforming things, making, and creating).  So, having seen this mummy’s post about it, I grabbed the idea for our little lady, got in supplies (1 carpet tile, some sample pots of paint, and sample wall paper), stuck on some audio CD stories, and let her get on with the job.

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I had thought it might be an activity for a few hours this morning, hence putting the audio stories on in the background.  The twins were keen to be  doing something too, and I’d got some stencils from my Lidl shop last week that they hadn’t tried, so they settled into that for the best part of an hour.  There was virtual silence as they all concentrated and listened to the CD’s.  Eventually the mini men drifted off to play quite happily while she continued with her interior design project.  By lunchtime, it was becoming clear this was going to be an all day affair!  So, after lunch, we set it all up again for her to continue, and this time the mini men indulged in some painting.  It has taken me years of persistence to get mini man no.2 involved in art and craft, and today provided another rewarding experience. Mini man no.1 had asked to paint, so as I got it all out, I called to mini man no.2, “would you like to do painting”, to which his reply was “ooooooooo yes please!”.  That made me a very happy mamma that he now found enjoyment from doing it.  After the twins had finished painting every loose sheet of paper they could get their hands on, they were still content to sit in the kitchen where our little lady was beavering away, one reading and the other bringing puzzles into the room, which was lovely.

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I did have to bring the house decorating to a close after she’d worked on it for 6 hours!!!  She had thoroughly enjoyed the freedom to embellish her toy, and now has plans for the wooden furniture to be upcycled (it came with plain wooden furniture too), plus she has a lovely colourful 1970’s selection of furniture from my old dolls house 😉  She had made different bedrooms for boys and girls using different stickers to adorn the walls, and she had even decorated each individual step on the three staircases.  It had been a lovely laid back day, following where their interests led them, and letting them indulge themselves for as long as they wanted too – no time pressures and no adult schedule curtailing activities they were absorbed in (until the end of the day happened at least anyway!).IMG_8754 IMG_8756IMG_8755


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