Crafty Home Based Day.

Today needed to be a home based day, with the job list growing larger!  This morning I needed to tackle cleaning the fire, which naturaly leads into hoovering the whole house!  Then there were other motherly tasks (yawn yawn), to be completed.  Thankfully, my three are all totally addicted to Hama beads, and decided to sit and do this for the majority of my admin.  Always easier to get through tasks when they are happy doing something without you!!  This photo shows a little of what they have been up to and making, although there are many, many, more that are dotted throughout the house, all over a period of just a few weeks!  They love it.  I love it much less when they tip the whole pot of beads onto the floor (by accident) which happened twice this morning….some lost under the piano for forever until we get our next mad moving idea!  Towards the end though they were all going a bit bonkers, and chasing and playing tag inside, so it was swiftly on with the snowsuit and boots, and thrown out the backdoor into the garden!  I was headed that way anyway, but it was clear they needed to get outdoors.

They whiled away a happy 2.5 hours while I gardened and Dadda started sorting the garage out and everything that was bequeathed to us in the move.  They love the sandpit that was already with the house, as well as using theirs, they play on the trampoline, and they run……yes, just run, round the whole house for good lengths of time!  I’ve come to realise there seems no point to this last game after watching it several times to try and work out what is going on.  It appears, one of them says, “lets do running round the house” and they do just that….run round the house in circles!! As it’s quite a spread out footprint for the house, it’s quite a big jog to undertake for as long as they do (though as their mother, I feel it is a great idea!!).

After lunch we were going to have a craft/annual afternoon.  They’d all got an annual (the little lady 2), for Christmas, and the mini men needed a little help with theirs, so we spent some time doing mazes, puzzles, dot to dots, and spot the differences in them.  We then moved onto the crafts they wanted to do for the afternoon.  Mini man no.2 had some dinosaur magnets to paint, and both twins still had their Tomtes from Santa to paint.  They enjoyed doing this, and actually started to mix some colours for themselves.  Twin 1 was using the worlds smallest paint palette for his, that I think the elves put in his stocking 😉 !!

It was a nice change after the brain exercise of the past 2 days involving microscopes and sewing machines, just to sit and watch them paint!  Christmas is quite exhausting for parents, making Lego, putting play mobil together so it’s functioning, and learning how to use various gifts so you can then teach the children to use them!!  Luckily, we now have a small break until the next birthday in February (depending on the creation ideas the little lady comes up with for the sewing machine!) 🙂


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